Max Kite
Salisbury, UK

Bio: I'm a retired Clinical Psychologist who has always been interested in family history and appreciated old furniture. I enjoy researching things I like and which grab my attention, especially if little is known about them or there is an element of mystery.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Terry

    Interesting to see someone else making a website about an English chairmaker. You might like to make a “related interest” link to my Philip Clissett website at http://www.philipclissett.co.uk which also publishes research into family history, chair styles, and working practices.
    Kind regards


  2. jennifer steinberg

    Thanks for all the great information. I have a set of six chairs I picked up from an estate with the stamp “J. Reilly’s Patent”. I can see the same legs and apron on many of the chairs posted on your site. I am ready to pass these project chairs on, but now have a greater appreciation as I can hardly believe how old they are and how well they have held up. I would love to post a photo but not sure how.


    1. Max Kite Post author

      Hello Jennifer.

      Thank you for the comments and your interest. I will email you directly and you can post images to me with any commentary you would like to add.

      Best wishes,




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