2a. Design: Chair Backs

Balloon Backs

Forey 1Frazerburgh ChilgroveThese three appear to be similar but each is associated with a different style of bolt-back attachment to the seat frame. 3-S-NLR, 3-C-NLS and 3-C-NE respectively.

RedmarleyMersea IslandLevenshulmeLincoln


Bar Backs

DSC_0561 - CopyDSCN6719 (Large) - Copy

IMAG0117 - Copy2CED178921F14AFDB37BAA4B73A2F51D (2)

Splat Backs

DSC_0302 - Copy (Large)DSC_0304 - Copy (Large)DSC_0309 - Copy (Large)DSC_0538 (Large)DSC_0553 - Copy (Large)DSC_0442 - Copy (Large)Rocker 22

Bar Back with Splat(s)

795130971_oCapture - CopyDSC_0407 (Large) - CopyDSC_0435 - CopyDSC_0549DSC_0439 - Copy

820150626_135738 (Large)

DSCN7581 (Large)s-l1600 (7)

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